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What started with humble roots in a small backyard garage in 1977 has evolved into what we know today as “Dog with Cones.”

Todd O., Chief Operating Officer and Creator of the online phenomenon recalls the early days of what was then called “Dog with Bones;” “I started ‘Dogs with Bones’ as an idea for people to share photos of their dogs with bones. It was difficult to obtain an ISP and hosting service in ’77 but I persisted. I worked day and night, often only sleeping 14 hours a day struggling to perfect my dream.”

O. adds, “Then one day in 2007 I had an epiphany; why not expose dogs to the general public wearing those round, plastic protective covers around their head? I was struggling for so many years with ‘Dogs with Bones.’ I was conflicted with the idea of trying to launch an entire new concept. What would this new endeavor be called? Would people accept it? Would my investors accept it?”

It turns out that everything fell into place quite easily save one issue, the name. Nothing seemed to pop. Names like “Dog that are Wearing Protective Plastic” and “Daddy Won’t Let Me Lick My Balls” just weren’t catchy enough. “Then one April afternoon in 2007 while cashing in a coupon at Cold Stone Creamery it came to me: “Dogs with Cones.” “It took a bit of convincing the shareholders of DWC that this in no way portrays dogs eating ice cream. After two failed votes I thought it was all over” says O.

“Then after an extensive global search, I teamed up with media giant ‘Going Like Sixty.'” After FTC and FCC approval, the partnership was formed. “Life has never been the same for me. I cannot leave the house without teams of paparazzi inundating me. It has been quite an experience for all those involved.”

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